Weather forecaster Yannis Kallianos warns for a warm invasion this weekend in Greece

According to weather forecaster Yannis Kallianos, the warm days of summer are close with temperature rising up to 40°C. It is true that June until now-with rainy days and storms- reminded us the autumn season, but warm days are about to come. Temperature will rise up to 37°C-38°C, the sky will be partly cloudy and in Northern mainland there is a chance for storms.<!–more–>
As long term heat affected Spain, Portugal and France, now it is moving toward us, of course with no dangerous consequences.
According to latest prediction, almost every day 2°C will be added in the temperature.
In Athens:
Tuesday: 31°C
Wednesday: 33°C
Thursday: 34-35°C
Friday: 36-37°C
Saturday: 37-38°C
Sunday: 38°C

In Thessaloniki:
Τuesday: 29-30°C
Wednesday: 31°C
Thursday: 33°C
Friday: 34-35°C
Saturday: 36°C
Sunday: 36°C
Yannis Kallinanos estimates that 40 °C will appear in the valley of Thessaly and Argolis and in regions of Central Macedonia.
“I am expecting to see how the temperatures are about to change- a more warmer scenario or a more mild”

Source: Marathon Press