A few words about this website

The name Beach Report (and Sea Report) came from Snow Report, since BR begun a year after snowreport.gr. This happened in 1997, when internet was still a virgin place in Greece. The goal of this site is to inform about sea sports, starting from windsurfing. We had to find a way to know the wind speed and direction in Schinias, Loutsa, Lavrio and the sea condition to decide whether it’s worth going windsurfing. So, in the summer of 1997 we took an Agfa digital camera and an anemometer from Skordilis (Pireaus). The puzzle was to take a picture, let’s say every one hour, save it in a PC and then upload it to the site. The same problem with Skordilis’ anemometer; in this case we had to write some code to read the serial port, then save the data in a txt file an upload it… Let’s say we spent many nights on the beach trying the software… and we finally made it! The thing is that, at that time, nothing similar to this had ever happened, with the exception of Maui in Hawaii, where a camera was installed. This monumental link, aged 17 years, is here and then it was followed by the first cameras in ski centers and by even more beach-meteo cams, resulting in hundreds of cameras and meteo stations all over Greece.

All webcams operate in accordance with Law 2472/1997, furthermore under the guidance
of Hellecic Data protection authority. We do not record any images or video or audio.
Reproduction of images, video and audio is not allowed. In case that you feel unconfortable with the operation of a specific camera, please contact us.

Have a great summer with lots of action!!
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