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Pano Koufonisi or Koufonisi is the smallest and most densely populated island of the Cycladic island group. The main occupation of the locals is fishing and, in recent years, tourism. The white windmill on the east side of the port welcomes visitors when they arrive on the island. The settlement of Chora on the southwest coast of Koufonisi is a characteristic example of Cycladic architecture. Its sandy beaches make up the island’s picture. Koufonisi has only been developed the last ten years, as far as tourism is concerned, so the natural beauty and its traditional colour has remained unfaded.

Kato Koufonisi is located next to Pano Koufonisi, Shoinousa and Keros. It is almost uninhabited, as there are only a few rural houses. The most characteristic sight of the island is the small church of Panagia that is built on the jetty, on top of ancient ruins. Only fish and tourist boats anchor in its small, picturesque port. (