Mayor Ilias Psinakis returned from China with 400.000.000 $ for Marathon city

He said it and finally he did it.. Before visiting China, Marathon’s Mayor Ilias Psinakis had a meeting with TAIPED’ s president Stergios Pitsiorlas and informed him that he will return with investments. The deals he made are about 400.000.000 dollars!!
The deals were signed by the Head of Global Mayor’s Forum mr Dai Yudong – president of Dragon Tourist Holding Ltd. The deal include 350.000.000 $ investment for Marathon’s Riviera tourism growth – 15.000 meters of coastline- and 50.000.000. $ funding for the construction of historical museum. For this reason mr Psinakis send a letter to ministers mr. Kontzias, mr. Kouroumplis and mr. Kontonis, to China’s Ambassador in Athens and to TAIPED’s president in order to arrange a meeting and discuss about these investments. He also expressed his gratitude for their help and support.