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A few words about this website

The name Beach Report (and Sea Report) originated from Snow Report, as BR began a year after snowreport.gr, back in 1997 when the internet was still in its infancy in Greece. The site’s purpose is to provide information about sea sports, starting with windsurfing. We needed a way to determine the wind speed and direction in locations such as Schinias, Loutsa, and Lavrio, as well as the sea conditions, to decide whether it was suitable for windsurfing. Therefore, in the summer of 1997, we acquired an Agfa digital camera and an anemometer from Skordilis (Pireaus). The challenge was to capture a photo, perhaps every hour, save it on a PC, and then upload it to the site. Similarly, we encountered difficulties with Skordilis’ anemometer; in this instance, we had to develop code to read the serial port, save the data in a text file, and upload it. Countless nights were spent on the beach perfecting the software, and eventually, we succeeded! At that time, nothing similar had been attempted, aside from Maui in Hawaii, where a camera had been installed. This groundbreaking link, now 26 years old, paved the way for the installation of the first cameras in ski resorts and an increasing number of beach-meteo cams, resulting in hundreds of cameras and weather stations across Greece.

All webcams operate in compliance with Law 2472/1997, and are supervised by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. We do not record any images, video, or audio. Reproduction of images, video, and audio is strictly prohibited. If you encounter any discomfort regarding the operation of a specific camera, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you a fantastic summer filled with action!

Panos Vatikiotis Cybex S.A. info@beachreport.gr Tel: +302103617790 Athens, Greece